20 Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free

Here are some quick, easy ways to keep traffic circulating to your blog while you actively participate online. Enjoy!

1. Comment on other blogs.

Add valuable insights that add value to other bloggers’ content, while being sure to link back to your own.

2. Guest blog on other blogs.

It’s a great way to connect with a new audience by sharing on a relevant topic.

3. Have others guest blog on your blog.

They’ll promote to their network, too!

4. Add it to your social media profiles.

People want to know more about who you are, so let them know!

5. Tweet your individual post links.

Though Twitter cracked down this year on duplicating exact tweets, it is still one of the few digital marketing channels where resharing links aren’t discouraged. If you’re an active Twitter user, you can really play with this amidst sharing other content. Experiment with your verbiage, and see what gets the most hits!

6. Ask your Twitter connections to Retweet your link.

Unless you’re constantly doing it, there’s nothing wrong with asking for the retweet.

7. Brand your Facebook business page and Instagram profile.

Your Cover picture on Facebook is a great place for a visual call-to-action to visit your blog, as well as a hyperlink in your About section. And absolutely, share those individual posts with your fans with status updates. For Instagram, link to your blog in your bio, and reference that link in your posts.

8. Join relevant Facebook groups.

Spread your expertise and gain connections by using Facebook groups effectively. Check the rules of each group first before posting links, so you don’t lose credibility or membership by being spammy. But if your posts add value and stir conversation, you’ll have a great way to both network and promote.

9. Add it to your Facebook profile.

There are several About sections where you can slip in a link. The Work page will probably make the most sense.

10. Let your Facebook friends know about your blog.

Not everyone on your friends list wants their timelines full of spam, but if you don’t have a Facebook business page or group they’re already opting into, targeted statuses or invitations can be effective. I would discourage doing this with private messaging unless a contact is messaging you first, asking questions that your blog posts can answer. It can be the online version of telemarketing very easily, and no one wants that!

11. Add it to your Pinterest profile.

Especially for Pinterest business users, this is a necessity!

12. Share your blog posts as pins on Pinterest.

Use an attractive image to up the appeal of your blog posts, and you’ll get repins and clicks.

13. Add it to your LinkedIn profile.

This seems like a no-brainer, but if blogging isn’t your main business function, you might not be as likely to add the link.

14. Share your blog posts on LinkedIn.

You can share a status on LinkedIn to expose your network to each new post, giving them the opportunity to also share it with their own network.

15. Create an email list to promote posts.

When people opt-in for your list, they truly want this information, so don’t hold back! Place a signup in your blog posts or in a widget so you can get signups as people become fans, making promotion of your new blog posts to them easy to implement.

Serious Vanity uses MailChimp for list building, but there are many other reputable sites.

16. Discover web forums related to your blog.

Web forums may not be as popular as they used to be, thanks to social media sites, but they’re not completely dead. Many successful forums are serving as great resources for very specific information and expertise. Do some searches to discover the ones that align with your blog’s topic, and become active there. Many allow for signatures that can contain your link, plus you can refer to posts that may help members as topics arise.

17. Turn your blog posts into infographics or infoposters.

These are more than just an image, but a graphic display of your blog that can not only be shared on sites like Pinterest, where infographics and infoposters help to illustrate a point. Need it free? Use Canva.

18. Turn your blog post into a recorded podcast.

For those on the go who don’t have time to read, or for the visually impaired, a recorded version of your blog is another great piece of content you can aggregate. Need it free? Use Audacity.

19. Write reviews.

Sites like Amazon allow you to actively write product reviews, and while it’s not advisable to place the link within your review itself, you can identify yourself with a little branding (mine currently says, “Dana Detrick of Serious Vanity Music“). Writing reviews of relevant things, like for me, business books I’ve read, add to the impact, and likelihood someone may find my blog from a review I write.

20. Answer questions.

Sites like Quora and Yahoo! Answers allow you to get your name and your expertise out there. If you’ve got a blog post that’s a good reference point, use it!

Final Thoughts

Simple as they are, it’s easy to forget some of these places while we’re doing our daily online tasking. But if you want to grow your blog’s readership, see opportunity everywhere, put in the elbow grease, and have fun.